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A good little game. Had fun playing it.

This game made me so love it

Weekend Spooks!!
This game caught me really good although it is seriously small.... Second part should be at the office, full of manequins also!

this game

this video was supposed to be uploaded a while ago but i was busy. i was surprised at first that the game was short but it sure was interesting to play. i wish to play more of your games. keep it up!!

This was a short but cool horror game!  As someone who finds mannequins creepy I thought the game was good!  I included this game in my new video as well. 

For a 2 minute one and done experience, this was quite a journey. The spawning mechanics for the mannequins was a little bit janky, but after a bit of getting used to, it created a creepy sprint to the finish.

Maybe in the furture include a little more build-up, encouraging less mannequins and less mobile mannqeuins before the room of certain death would be a nice touch to improve the length and get the player accustomed to utilizing the camera.

Few more thoughts and ramblings located in the video below.

Thanks for the feedback! You make some good points, and we'll definitely take them into consideration for the future. Glad you enjoyed it!

Played this for a Random Horror Games video, although it was really short it is a cool concept and pretty well executed.

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the 1st there):


1. The style of the game is top hole!

2. I liked the mechanics. They were pretty simple but I had to try several times before succeeding anyway.

3. The fact that the game has voice acting is impressive! I didn't expect that and it was a nice surprise.


1. The most obvious disadvantage is the length of the game. It would be so cool to see something bigger.

2. I didn't like that enemies spawned wherever they please. Like you could see that they are not one of the mannequins which were standing at the start.

3. I got stuck at the screen with the note for several minutes couple of times. Maybe someone else also experienced this issue?


The game is cool and fun. Reminded me of Kraven Manor a bit actually. Still, as short as it is, I had some issues with the game (disadvantage №3) and it was way too short. For me it's solid 4/5.

Hope my feedback was useful!

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Thanks for the feedback! Regarding the length of the game, this was made for the Two Minute Horror Jam, so we were very limited in the amount of content we could include in such a short amount of time. We do plan on expanding on the story in the future! Also the enemies didn't spawn randomly, they always start in the same spot every round. Sorry if it did seem random. 

About the issue with the note, I didn't see it happen in your video, so I don't quite understand what it looks like. Do you mean you weren't able to exit out of the note, or was there a delay in being able to close it?

Overall, I'm glad you enjoyed playing it!

Yeah, I cut the moment with the note being stuck out (cuz I wanted more action, u know). It's like I pressed buttons but nothing happened. I was stuck there for a while and it felt weird. I pressed different buttons but couldn't exit the note but after a short time it just worked.

Btw, I saw that the game was a submission for a two-minute jam) I just wish to see something more, I think you would nail it! Can't wait till you expand the story! Will it be another game or an update to this one?


That's strange, I haven't heard of that issue happening before. I'll see if I can look into it and figure out the cause. Thanks for pointing it out!

Yes, we plan on releasing another (longer) game to build on the story. It's currently being developed right now, and the goal is to release it by the end of the month. Please keep an eye out for it if you're interested!

I will! I am subscribed to you, so I think, I'll see the game when it's out)

I enjoyed the style of the game and the way the game is played. I wish the game was longer though. Hope to see more games from you in the future! The game is at 8:08. The third game I played

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

This game was great! I enjoyed it. It managed to creep me out a little bit. (Game Starts at 11:48) Please check out my Channel: VladMan Thank you!

honestly it was the perfect short game with a great atmosphere! Loved that it had voice acting!

Short but good, mannquins in general are creepy so being surrounded by them is worse. Wish it was like a bigger map etc.

I made a video with your game included in it! (Please don't take any insults towards the game seriously, it's all done for the purpose of entertainment)

Nice game

Very nice, short, horror experience. The atmosphere was excellent for how little time the game had to build it.

Really fantastic game, especially for how short it was.And you did it without resorting to jumpscares. 

I think I might have a love for mannequin 😂 starts @ 5:03 

this game is amazing

The idea behind having those mannequins sneak up behind you every time you turned your back was genius lol I just hate how short it was! Really cool game overall though! (There's a timestamp in the description if you wanna see my playthrough!)

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

Pour les Francophones !

I liked it. Short and sweet. Got a little confused on how to use the flashbulbs, but made it anyways.


Sorry for the confusion! The flash bulbs are meant to disperse if they get close to you, not stop, since that can be done just by looking at them. Glad you still enjoyed it!

Nice, short and to the point. I liked it. Great job.

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

I truly enjoyed the game. I hate mannequins so much and I was really glad that the character in the game also felt that way. The idea of something moving when you're not looking is always creepy. It reminds me of the weeping angels from "Doctor Who". Those were one of the nastiest creatures in there. Congrats for the game and I would love to see more from you. Cheers. 

Glad you enjoyed it! We did actually take some inspiration from the weeping angels you mentioned, as we thought it would make for a cool mechanic in the game. Thank you for playing!

Bit short but pretty good.

Thanks for playing!

Very simple but frightening! i enjoyed playing this. I think that the concept is terrifying. Great Job!!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Okay so I have played a bunch of mannequin horror games and I have to say that this is one of the best easily. It's such a simple and short game and with a simple mechanic but makes good use of it and in a good way. (Video below for anyone interested!)

So the story itself I found intriguing and engaging throughout the game; even after getting captured, you get to see and hear yourself as a mannequin, which I think is a great touch that you guys added and not many other mannequin horror games have. 

The sounds when you were running away from the note; the sounds of the mannequin where actually terrifying (for me at least) though I found it strange that there as a metal clang noise for the first two flashes, but the third one was spot on and worked really well with the mannequin suddenly teleportation behind the player to make an effective scare. 

The atmosphere I think you nailed as well; just a simple room and you get to see the mannequins and anticipate what happen before hand; which serves as a good climb to the climax. 

There are only three things that I found this game a little lacking were the story and explanation; I wish there was more of an explanation as to why light stops the mannequin from moving. (And also I only just realised that it was the light in the room that were keeping the mannequin at bay and the reason they move was because the light went out and hence they are repelled from the flashes.) But an explanation in the future might be good.

The other suggestion I have is to reduce the length it takes for you to die and then go to the playable part of the game again. I found that it was faster to force quit the game and go to the playable point again rather than go through the whole death scene (I died a few times before I figured out what I had to do and hence came across this.) So maybe adding a skip scene button might help with this.

The last thing would be adding a death animation of the mannequins actually attacking you. The sounds are scary as it is, so adding an animation where the mannequins jump scare you/ attack you would make the death that much scarier and would incentivise the player to try to not die. (Also the metallic clang makes the cue for the flashes a bit too easy, so I suggest just keeping the scary and silent shuffle, which I think is way scarier than the former sound.)

But all in all, it was really fun to play. I did not expect a game that was that short to be that good and was really surprised as to how scary it was. Good job making this game, and good luck on future updates and projects!

Thanks for the great feedback! We did make this game for the Two-Minute Horror Jam, so we were unfortunately limited on the amount of story and features we could introduce in such a short amount of time. We are planning on expanding upon the story in the near future, so keep an eye out for that if you're interested!

Also, regarding the death cutscene, there was an update this week that added a skip feature, so it seems like you played an older version. Hopefully it wasn't too frustrating having to sit through it or force-quit the application on multiple playthroughs.

I'm glad that you found the game to be an overall enjoyable experience! Thank you for playing!

Pour les Francophones !

Mannequins are always creepy! Great job with this! First game I played in the video :)

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

Great game very short but liked what you made. I want to see more of this universe you have created. Also if you want to see my reactions (yes it scared the crap out of me) and my thoughts on it check my video too. Keep up the awesome work as a gaming dev I want to see more. 

Thanks for playing! We are actually planning on expanding on the story in the near future, so please keep an eye out for that!

Of course and thanks for the heads up. :D 

I like the mechanics of the mannequins; that was interesting. maybe I was just unlucky though because I couldn't move 3 feet without dying. Very creepy atmosphere created though.

Very interesting game! Story was really cool, and I love the outcome of the "bad" ending! It's definitely not a super easy game, but rewarding when you finally beat it! Gave some thoughts at the end of the video. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to play! Sorry about not giving a skip option at the end, but there will be an update soon adding a one to make it less frustrating when playing through the game multiple times.

Awesome! Great job on the game btw! I very much enjoyed my time playing it! Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future! 


See our full review here; (#4)

(P.S. This was really fun! We're looking forward to seeing whether you add more levels in the future!)

Thanks for the review!

Of course! We can't wait to see what's later to come from you guys, keep up the great work!

Hi Rabbytt, your work seems pretty mysterious and dark. I'm sure it leaves no one indiferent. It has exterted a tremendous impact on me to see the atmosphere and the unbereable tension I just feel when I see all these mannequins as if they were to rise up. Have you thought to make your work global? If you need a localizer for this game or others, I'm all ears!

Hi Andrea! Thanks for the feedback! We haven't considered making the game global, as this is the first game the two of us have released, but in the future we may consider doing so. Thanks for the offer, we'll take it into consideration!

I'll be there for you!!! Supergood luck for all your projects. This one seems very exciting. But you know, I'd be scared if I played!! I wouldn't like those mannequins to reach me!!! Anyway, I'll try!!

wow i like the way these mannequins follow! what is use of the flash bulbs we can pass the level without it too

Thanks for playing! The flash bulbs are mostly there for players that need the extra breathing room for whatever reason.

The title screen was eerie as heck, gave me odd vibes and made me feel uncomfortable.. in a good/chill way. I liked how the game is like a big version of red light green light, and how there is an actual death animation/aftermath. Although it is very easy to beat and quick to finish, possibly even without using the flash, it was a great game. Hope to see more from it, like backstory as to why specific people were targeted or something.. I overall enjoyed it tho! I played from 3:00 - 5:58

Thanks for the feedback! We're glad you enjoyed it!


Hey, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 8:36! I got both endings so that was fun! Hope ya enjoy!


Thanks for taking the time to play!

It was a pleasure! Are ya planning on doing more games in the future?


We're looking into it!

Excellent! Looking forward to it!

This reminds me a lot of a game I’m creating about Pompeii. With the blank figures and things. Great job!


I had the pleasure of reviewing your game!!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

You are very welocome!!

Great work on the game although a lil warning next time for the manniquens and sorry if i said one of your names wrong much love coming 

hope you enjoy the video

Sorry for the lack of in-game warning, but glad you still enjoyed it!

it was fun really enjoyed it 


The game was fun. Though I feel like the game could be more fleshed out if it wasn't for the two minute limitation(?) to flesh out the story and gameplay. But otherwise, it's a nice game with a good atmosphere.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thank you for playing our game and providing some thorough feedback!

Thanks so much for playing and giving great feedback!

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